How to take care of your car in the Las Vegas climate

Survive the Las Vegas climate by taking good care of your car. High temperatures, dry weather, and long road trips strain vehicles, even in the best of climates. Here, however, our particular climate conditions can leave both you and your car sitting on the side of the road, wishing you took better care of your car. To avoid inconvenient travel interruptions, follow a few simple steps.

Keep an Eye on Coolant

The same antifreeze that prevents freezing in wintertime protects your car’s engine from overheating during the summer. Ordinary operation causes water in your coolant to slowly evaporate, leaving your engine vulnerable to heat. Check on coolant levels in your engine to make sure your car won’t overheat in summer traffic. The owner’s manual that came with your car should tell you how to check the coolant and what kind of coolant your car requires.

Use a Sun Shield

Brutal summer sun can wreak havoc on the fabric or leather seats that allow you to ride in comfort. Protect the interior of your car by using a sun shield. You might, at first, think the sun shield is inconvenient, but you might find it a worthwhile effort when you see how well you can preserve the inside of your car. Protection from your sun can also keep your car’s interior from heating while parked in the sun, making cooling easier when you start the air conditioner.

Prepare for Emergencies

Your car might break down at any time, so keep a summer survival kit with you at all times. Sunscreen, water, bug spray, non-perishable food, walking shoes and a change of clothes can combine to help you survive when stranded.

Change Oil and Filters

Now is the time to catch up on simple preventative maintenance for your car. Have your oil changed to get the summer off to a good start. Las Vegas heat can contribute to the breakdown of engine oil, so changing your oil is an important part of your car care regimen. An oil change before the hot weather comes especially makes sense if you use low viscosity oil during the winter.

Now is also a good time to replace the engine air filter. Dust, dirt and sand quickly clog engine air filters, so make sure you frequently check your air filter and replace it when necessary.

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