Exotic Car Rentals in Las Vegas

A trip to Vegas includes flashy entertainment, stunning casinos, and great food. Topping it all off with an exotic car can make it the ultimate vacation. The following are the top 5 exotic car rentals in Las Vegas and specific information about each.

Vegas Luxury Rides
Vegas Luxury Rides rates high among online reviews. They are also known for having a great selection of cars. This exotic car rental company advertises no hidden fees, offers 4, 6, 12, and 24 hour rental, and features a wide variety of gorgeous cars. They also disclose the model years of their inventory on their website.

Elite Exotic Car Rental
Elite Exotic Car Rental provides car rentals in a variety of cities including Vegas. They are known for great customer service as well as a fleet of beautiful cars. They generally provide 6 and 24 hour rentals. Their website features several weekly specials.

Diplomat Exotic Rentals
Diplomat Exotic Rentals provides a fleet of stunning luxury cars and 24 hour a day personal assistance. Customer reviews have stated that Diplomat provides quick and friendly customer service. Diplomat offers 6 and 24 hour rentals. They also provide the gas when renting for 24 hours or longer.

Dream Cars Las Vegas
Dream Cars Las Vegas is an independently owned car company in Vegas. They rent for 4, 8, and 24 hours. Dream Cars has an extensive in-house fleet of breathtaking cars and provides complimentary airport pick up and drop off. They also feature long term rental plans.

VIP Car Rental
VIP Car Rental provides both exotic and luxury car rentals. They feature vehicle customization by offering a wide variety of audio/visual choices, paint alterations, window tints, and personalized headlights and tail lights. They offer an extensive range of availability to rent including 4, 6, and 24 hour rentals. They also provide 3 day, weekly, and monthly rental rates.

Whichever exotic car company a customer chooses in Vegas, there are a few things to keep in mind. Most rentals require drivers to be at least 25 years old, although there are some exceptions that may require different types of insurance coverage. Customers must also show appropriate identification and proof of valid insurance.

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